15 People You Oughta Know in the how long does mac mouse take to charge Industry

By Sumit
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October 8, 2021
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A lot of people have asked me “how long does mac mouse take to charge” and I have no ready answer. We were just too busy.

We’re working on it. We’ve been working on it for the last year, and we haven’t had the final answer. We’re going to keep plugging away until we get it. But it’s not just the battery life, we’ve been talking to manufacturers and other folks about the whole charging time.

For starters, the battery lasts about a full day. So if you’re going to be using it for the entire day, it will need to be recharged every so often. The more you use it, the longer you’ll need to charge it, but this isn’t something you want to take on for granted. So you’ll want to plan ahead, and know what you’re doing before you plug it in.

For more on charging, we’ve talked to several people, and have included some helpful links below. For now, we know that the Apple chargers for Macs are fast, and the best we’ve encountered takes less than 2 hours to charge.

It’s not about charging and spending time with your friends.

To be honest, I dont give a crap if its quick, but if it isnt, there are some chargers out there that can do more than 2hrs, and some that can take up to 4hrs.

As if you didnt have to set it up, it’s a little easier to get started with it than charging.

I have a friend that actually has the Mac chargers shipped to his house. Its a little odd, but he has them. Its not a bad thing for him that he has them, its just one more thing to do to make sure he can have the best of both worlds.

Mac chargers are one of those products that make me wish I had a mac, because when I want to charge my MacBook Pro, I end up plugging it in right then, and I think it takes a while to get into the Mac charger. But it’s worth it in the end, because the Mac USB cable is longer and thicker than the iMac cable.

Well, maybe if they were different lengths, and had the same amount of power. But I wouldn’t mind having a Mac charging right now.

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